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Why Should I Chose a Word for the Year?

New Year's Resolutions are always a bit of a joke. They last for maybe a few months or a few weeks...wait...who am I kidding? They last for a few days of me trying my hardest to exercise more, read my Bible more, drink more water, be a better person, etc. etc. Resolutions don't work for me. Maybe they don't work for you either? Choosing a word for the year with a faith focus, is a completely different concept. By choosing one word, powered by the Spirit's leading, I have been able to make lasting spiritual, mental and even physical changes in my life. This isn't done by my own willpower, my own strength or my own ability to stick with something. This isn't done with me just wishing something would change and this certainly isn't done with me coming up with one magical word that changed my life. Nope. But you know what does have the power to make incredible changes in my life and yours? Or should I say, do you know WHO has the power to make incredible changes in your life? God. Yep. The One who created you, loved you and chose you to be His. This One Word One Year Faith Journey is designed to draw you near to God using one intentional word. Just one word. Any word that represents what you'd like to focus on this year. Take that One Word and complete the journal prompts, activities and challenges as you watch how God will lead and guide you through this year. Are you ready to take the journey? Order your copy of One Word One Year Faith Journey today. Click here.

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