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Can I change my One Word for the Year?

Yes, of course you can change your One Word for the year...there's no rules here...but you probably won't. Let me tell you why. Once you've chosen your One Word for the year, and you're working through the prompts and activities in the One Word One Year Faith Journey book, you are going to become very close to your chosen One Word. You'll be looking at your One Word from all different angles, definitions and viewpoints. You'll start seeing your One Word 'pop off' the page in books and scriptures. You'll start hearing your One Word in songs and conversations and each time you notice your One Word, you'll re-focus on your intentions. Your One Word will become personal and special to you. You and your One Word will be 'tight' like a new best friend.

If for some reason, you feel you want to completely change up your One Word mid-month or mid-year, it might not be seamless, but it can be done. I've seen it done and I'll tell you about that in just a minute, but first let me tell you about companion words.

Companion words are words that come alongside of your One Word. Words that start to appear next to your One Word or in tandem with your One Word. Most of the time they tend to be similes or descriptive words to your original word. Here's an example. Last year a friend of mine chose the One Word, ENOUGH. As she began to work with this word through the prompts, activities and scriptures, she found herself drawn to the words SATISFY and CONTENT. Both of these words are similes to ENOUGH. After a few months of working with all 3 words, she settled on the One Word SATISFY with companion words of CONTENT and ENOUGH. Is this cheating? Nope. Remember, there's no rules here. If God is leading you to focus on 3 words this year, then do it! He's the one in charge! My friend's year was richly blessed as she concentrated on scriptures with all of these words and saw her attitude and mindset begin to change from 'not being satisfied', to being 'content in Him!' She was an inspiration to us all!

OK, now back to my friend who completely did a clean break from her One Word and started over with a new One Word mid-year... Two years ago, a friend of mine chose the One Word YIELD. She loved her word choice and enjoyed completing all the prompts, activities and challenges with her word. Her insights were deep and our whole group witnessed God moving her and leading her to make big decisions as she YIELDED herself to Him. One of those major decisions was retiring from working over 35 years. All of the sudden, she found her very busy life had come to a standstill. She had completely YIELDED everything to Him. She told our group that "she had completed her One Word and was ready for the next step." The next month she walked into our small group with a completely different One Word. She had started over in the One Word One Year Faith Journey book and even created a new vision board and manifesto! Her new One Word was BE. She felt God had told her that it was time to BE with Him, to BE still, to BE who He made her to BE.

So...don't worry. Let God do the leading. If your One Word changes, let it BE. Trust Him on this journey. I'm so glad you're here.


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