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Welcome to the One Word One Year Faith Journey.
A 12 Month Guided Journal Experience to Grow in Faith with a One Word Focus.
Purchase a copy of the One Word One Year Faith Journey book
and join me here for a year full of spiritual growth like never before.

One Word One Year
Faith Journey

Searching for a deeper more meaningful faith? Waiting to see God at work in your life? Are you wishing you could make spiritual, mental and physical changes, but just can't seem to do it on your own? This guided journal will get you back on track with a one word focus.

A one word focus is a simple concept with huge rewards! Choose one word to be your intentional focus for one year. One small word for one year. That's it. Take that one word and apply it to your faith and every area of your life that you're looking to make changes and see growth.


Work through the 12 month journal prompts. Take part in the monthly challenges and activities. Spend time engaged with God and be amazed at what He's doing in your life.


The rewards?
Lasting life changes and a closer, deeper engaging walk with God like you've never had before. Begin this journal any month of the year and get started on the One Word Journey today.


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How to Choose Your One Word

     The best place to start this journey is in prayer and conversation with God your Creator. The One who knows you intimately. The One who created you and knows your every thought. The One who is always ready and available to listen. The One who always hears your prayers. No matter where you are in your current faith journey, spend some time talking to God.
     Glorify Him, praise Him, thank Him for this past year and His faithfulness. Thank Him that you are still alive and that He still has good plans and a purpose for your life.
     Dedicate this year to Him. Tell Him you're ready to dedicate your life to Him. Ask Him to help you desire Him more and more.
     Talk to Him about the challenges and concerns in your life right now. Tell Him your fears, frustrations and worries. Tell Him what is holding you back from releasing all your cares to Him.
Sit in silence. Ask God to direct your thought to Him and help you to be attentive to any words or phrases He may be bringing to your mind. Wait on Him. Listen. Write down any words that come to your mind.


Trouble Choosing One Word?

Sometimes even after spending time with God in prayer and silence, a One Word might not come to you. That's OK. Oftentimes it takes a while to choose.
Using the One Word One Year Faith Journey book, follow the journal prompts and questions to see what words keep coming up. There's even a section called the BRAIN DUMP which asks you to write anything that comes to your mind....
Questions like:
*In my spiritual walk I want to...
*With my daily living I want to...
*With my relationships I want to...

Sometimes the same words keep appearing. Take note of these. Maybe one of these words could be your One Word? 
Remember, it really doesn't matter what One Word you choose...God can work in you through anything and any WORD!
If still having trouble click on my Word Bank for ideas.

I Have a Word, Now What?

Congrats, you've chosen a word for the year! Now it's time for the exciting part! Using the One Word One Year Faith Journey book, follow along with the monthly journal prompts, exercises, activities and challenges to keep you engaged with your One Word all year long! Come join me and many others on this journey.
     -Pick up a copy of the book today and get started.
     -Join my Instagram page for more ideas and to keep in touch.
     -Follow my blog to go more in-depth.

I can't wait to see what God will show you with your One Word.
Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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